New Artistic Anatomy: Female Morphology, by Dr. Paul Richer

Translated and edited by Allana M. Benham

I recently had the pleasure of discussing Richer's Female Morphology with painter and sculptor Rick Casali. 

Sadie Valeri Atelier, San Francisco

April 5, 2018

I had a great time visiting Sadie Valeri's inspiring atelier and speaking with her students about the work of Dr. Paul Richer. We discussed Richer's approach to human anatomy and morphology and investigated his findings on the forms of the male and female body.

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A monumental work by the father of modern artistic anatomy, Dr. Paul Richer. This book emphasizes the variations which make each person unique. Richer describes features which are similar between men and women, and highlights those that are different. Available for the first time in English with Allana M. Benham's translation.

"This new English edition presents Richer's brilliant and unique analyses of female form, illustrated with Richer's own line drawings and beautiful halftone drawings. Extensive information on female form and the anatomical structures creating it, had been seriously lacking from the literature until Richer wrote this book. It is now happily available in Allana M. Benham's translation from the original French. This definitive reference belongs in the library of every figurative artist."

- Eliot Goldfinger

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